Fairy Tales

Discover the fantastic Fairy Tale World

Fantastic Fairy Tale World

Nine fairy tales full of adventure, magic and depth await us.

Their multi-layered characters, profound messages and sometimes humorous dialogues make them a pleasure to read for young and old. All nine stories show us in different ways that friendship, compassion, courage and trust can be stronger than the cleverest cunning or the most powerful spell. In contrast to the classic tales of the beautiful princess and the courageous prince, the heroes are shown from their human side, with their path and fate reminding us of our own fears and hopes.

Immerse yourself in a world full of fantastic fairy tales and let yourself be enchanted.

1. The Cloud City

2. The Red Flies

3. The Forest Lake

4. The Magic Scarf

5. The Story Of Ol, Ul and Jul

6. The Cunning Devil

7. The Honest Exchange

8. A Musical Story

9. The Two Glass Hearts

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