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Olga Doberstein

I am a Russian artist based in Munich.

Already as a young girl I discovered my passion for painting and attended an art school in Moscow in addition to the gymnasium. In 2018 I successfully completed my “Master of Arts” at the „Academy of Fine Arts in Munich“ and after one year of working as an Architect I work today as a fulltime artist. In addition to my oil paintings and digital portraits, I also write fairy tale books, for which I also create the illustrations.

January 2020

Start as an artist

January 2019

Work as "Junior Architect" in Munich

August 2018

"Master of Arts" at "Academy of Fine Arts" in Munich

September 2016

"Bachelor of Architecture" in Moscow

October 2011

"High & Art School Graduation" in Moscow

I work mostly with oil, following two basic concepts  

In my abstract paintings are different forms of energy represented, which are continuously developing or standing in the polar opposition of „light“ and „dark“ to each other. In my portraits I show the expression of the human or the animal through the eyes and create thereby a unique and deep atmosphere. In May 2020 I was published in the book „Leaders in Contemporary Art“ by the Australian publisher „Capsules“ besides 200 other international artists.

Oil Painting

July 2021

Group Exhibition at "Autoren Galerie 1" in Munich

July 2020

Solo Exhibition at "Kasu Gallery" in Munich

May 2020

Publication in "Leaders in Contemporary Art"

Digital Portraits

In 2020 I discovered digital painting.

I love to create portraits filled with vibrant colors. I believe that bright colors that fill our lives, serve as an additional source of energy and joy. Sometimes by adding animals I emphasize the connection with nature, and, accordingly, with yourself. I would like while, looking at the portrait, the viewer could feel the depth and reflection that is sometimes lacking in daily life.

April 2021

2.000 Followers on Instagram

August 2020

Publication at "Beautiful Bizarre"

October 2019

"High & Art School Graduation" in Moscow

I also write fairy tale books.

When I was sixteen I wrote on a rainy weekend in our summer house nine short fairy tales. More than ten years later I draw the illustrations and published my first fairy tale book. All nine stories show us in different ways that friendship, compassion, courage and trust can be stronger than the cleverest cunning or the most powerful spell. The book is for now only in german available.


July 2020

Sale of the first book via Amazon

April 2020

Drawing of 17 illustrations and translation into german

May 2009

Writing down the nine fairy tales